Have you ever experienced hearing that clicking sound when you open your mouth? If yes, then you should look at other symptoms that might be indicating you are

According to specialists sitting on your toilet seat for more than 15 minutes means you have some serious issues. I know most of you won't take it seriously but if

Women’s bre@$ts are actually the tissue overlying the chest (pestoral) muscles. They are made of specialized tissue that produces milk (glandular tissue) as well as fatty tissue. The size of

A woman is born again when she gets pregnant, a new life her womb becomes the most important part of her and all her attention and focus on her fetus.

Having a bad breath is really a no, no! It might cause a bad impression on people you talk to. Many people are suffering from this mouth issue, not only

Most of us Filipinos just can't have breakfast without coffee. It feels incomplete without this magical pick-me-up drink. However, some researchers suggest that drinking coffee in the morning on an empty stomach

Latest research says that the cause of harmful problems in a woman’s private part is douching.   Also, it elevates the risk of having ovarian cancer.   It is often

The health of our kidneys is very important because these bean-shaped organs serve several essential regulatory functions in our body. The main role of our kidneys is to regulate the

All of us would like to have a healthy body and well-shaped figure. However, in today’s generation, which seldom involves improper diet and lack of physical activity, most people constantly

According to Facebook user Mofe Van Zekins his nephew had to undergo major surgery on his spinal cord due to the heavy book bag he’s been carrying .He wrote  “photos are

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