Rapist has forced his way inside the house A New York City woman says she and her sister desperately fought off an attempted rapist inside her apartment before she was

Most of those going to execution appear to be in trance. The executioner denied reports that those sentenced to death are drugged just before their execution. (Supplied) Convicted women sentenced

Ramkissoon, was seen climbing into the cab and throwing objects out of it, while yelling and swearing at the driver.A 30-year-old Indian-origin doctor at a US hospital has been fired

Pilot ejected safely A US F-16 warplane crashed Tuesday while taking off from Bagram airfield in Afghanistan, an official said. The pilot ejected safely. Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said

A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit against Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s modelling agency, saying there was insufficient evidence a foreign-born model had been misled or was… A

A Department of Justice employee put up a poster of the seven indicted hackers. The united States on Thursday unsealed computer hacking charges against seven Iranians working for firms linked

Some blame glitch within US system, others say students failed by immigration officers. India has questioned the deportation of some students from India when they came to the US with

A US-backed alliance of Syrian Kurds and Arab rebel groups, backed by US coalition planes, has captured a dam from Daesh, cutting a main supply route of the militants across

Major commercial stores in the Kingdom have removed products linked to US businessman-turned-politician Donald Trump for seeking a ban on Muslims entering the US. The shops are Centrepoint, Home Centre,

When readers in the U.S. click on this hyperlink, they’ll be taken to an Al Jazeera America op-ed criticizing Saudi Arabia for an uptick in executions of prisoners for apparently