When a forgotten locale becomes a ghost town, we’re free to speculate about what happened that made people turn their backs on it forever. For the town of Somerset, Indiana,

When the Titanic sank in 1912, the news rattled people across the globe. The world’s largest cruise liner was destroyed by an iceberg and a clumsy crew. We all know

A man named Randy Guijarro in Fresno, California, found and purchased an old tintype photo for $2 at a junk shop, nothing special about it you would think. But it turns

The first World Water Day was observed on March 22, 1992. March 22: March 22 is observed as World Water Day. The day is celebrated to understand more about water related

Did not go as planned Source: www.ebaumsworld.com

Meanwhile in Syria… Source: www.ebaumsworld.com

Stereotypes! Get ya stereotypes ‘ere! Oh baby, do I have some stereotypes for YOU. Who said the world can’t be painted in black and white? That’s, like, the one thing humans do

This video will give you your year-ender dose of epic fails that will surely make your stomach hurt from laughing. Among the thousands of interesting videos and clips throughout the

A homeowner in Las Vegas came up with a creative way to deal with thieves stealing his packages. LAS VEGAS – A homeowner is fed up with package thieves. He

You won’t believe the answers these students gave when asked about simple questions regarding United States history. Most of those surveyed would get a solid F if this was the

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