All of them willingly confessed to the cops that they took drugs in Dubai.

Three tourists, who were caught at a hotel apartment using and in possession of drugs, have been given jail terms by the Court of First Instance.

Two of the tourists, all Saudis, have been sentenced to four years in prison each for taking and possession of drugs. The third was given a 3-month jail term for taking mind-affecting substance.

The three men, aged 22, 25 and 19, were all ordered to be deported after completing their jail terms.

According to prosecution records, they were taking drugs when the Dubai police anti-narcotics officers raided their apartment and arrested them in Al Barsha.

A quantity of hashish weighing 41.5 grams was seized form them.

They denied in court the charges of taking and possessing drugs for personal use.

A police lieutenant said they were tipped- off the accused possessed and took drugs. "After verifying the information, we obtained a public prosecution warrant for arrest and search," the officer said during the investigation.

At 2 am on July 13, the lieutenant went with other anti-narcotics police officers to the hotel where the accused stayed in Al Barsha.

"We raided the flat and found two of the defendants in the main hall. There were other Saudi people and three Moroccan women in their company," the officer added.

"We found the second accused in a room. He looked high on drugs. Three cigarettes, suspected to contain hashish, were found in addition to a bag containing a suspicious substance," the officer testified.

The 22-year-old defendant told the cops that the drugs belonged to him.

All of them willingly confessed to the cops that they took drugs in Dubai.

"We learned from the toxicology expert that all of the defendants' urine sample tests were positive for hashish," the lieutenant told the prosecutor.

The court ordered the seized drugs be confiscated.

The conviction may be appealed.