Summer traffic awareness campaign’s data shows almost 80 violators penalised on a daily basis!


On an average 50-80 erring motorists have been caught for violations on a daily basis during the summer months, the violations include use of mobile phones while driving, driving without seat belts. 

The Assistant Director of the Media & Traffic Awareness Department, Major Jaber Mohamed Rashid Odaiba said that the General Traffic Directorate has been focussing to penalise motorists using mobile phones and not wearing seat belts while driving and such violations have been registered throughout the country. 

In order to evaluate the impact of the road safety and traffic awareness campaign the department will be releasing some statistics in the coming days. 

During the campaign it was noted the most of the violations occur in densely populated areas such as Al Rayyan, Doha, and Old Airport, Major Jaber said. 

Major Jaber added that the traffic patrol units avoid apprehending erring motorists on the expressways and highways as such action could lead to traffic movement coming to a halt and cause inconvenience to other motorists, therefore we have avoided doing that. 

“Traffic awareness campaigns and to penalise violators are held during the summer months every year as there is not so much traffic on the roads during the summer times, which makes it easier for the patrol units to spot, stop and penalise a violator”, he said. 

As the schools are gearing to open up for the next academic session the campaign too has come to its closure this year. 

Traffic police units were deployed across the country for patrolling and record violations during the campaign. Units from Dukhan, Al Shamal, Doha and others took part in the patrolling exercises during the campaign. 

In addition to penalising erring motorists the campaign also sought to reduce accidents and thereby minimise the number of fatalities and injuries caused in road traffic incidents. 

Speaking about a recent accident that claimed lives of two youth and a truck driver, Major Jaber said that the accident occurred due to the unawareness of the road users. Major Jaber advised that truckers must use a ‘triangle warning’ sign to avoid any mishaps, the Major also urged motorists to stick to their lanes and strictly follow the speed limits in order to avoid any accidents.