Mother beaten up in Pakistan for not ‘resembling’ son

The woman had been severely beaten and had suffered injuries.

A mother in Pakistan was beaten up because she didn't seem to resemble her son.

According to, the incident took place in Lahore, where a woman was going along with her 10-year-old child in Lahore's Shalimar area late on Saturday night.

Sadia and her son were stopped by a family and began to beat her on suspicion of kidnapping the child. Soon after, a large number of people gathered and started beating her.

The woman and her son were later identified as mother and son at the police station, after a family in the neighbourhood rescued the mother and son and handed her over to the police.

A police officer said the woman had tried to sneak into the house to steal something and the family noticed her and captured her, reported.

According to the family, the woman had been severely beaten and had received injuries.

People suspected her of having kidnapped the child, as the woman's complexion did not match with the boy's complexion.

The police official said the woman refused to register a complaint against the mob.

This is not the first incident of mob taking law into hand.

The Dawn said the incident was not the first when a mob took law into its own hand. More than 25 people, including women, were beaten up on mere suspicion of kidnapping children earlier. But all the suspects turned out to be innocent and had nothing to do with child kidnapping.